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Dimas Frolov. About me

I am a professional photographer based on Koh Samui, Thailand since 2014.

I specialize in wedding, individual, and family photo sessions. I capture the important moments of your life, filled with genuine and lively emotions, which will be a delight for you to reminisce about after many years.

People come to me when they want natural and genuine photographs without having prior experience in posing. I create a positive atmosphere, guiding and directing you, allowing you to enjoy the photo session process, and as a result, receive lively, beautiful shots.

In my work, I believe that the quality of photographs is more important than their quantity. When editing photos, I aim for natural colors without the feel of the editing itself.

Moreover, you will experience vivid emotions, lively conversations, useful information about Samui, and spend your time joyfully, easily, and carefree.

Tell me about your ideas and thoughts on a photo session in Thailand using any method that's convenient for you.

Brief Biography

My story began in the cozy city of Dnipro in Ukraine, where I was born in 1980. Back home, I graduated with Master Degree as "Energy Engineer", and I worked as an engineer for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems for industrial enterprises.

Since childhood, I've been fascinated by computers, and over the years, I became interested in programming. But in 2005, my interests expanded – I discovered the world of photography. It started with the purchase of a small digital camera, and by 2007, I had a professional DSLR camera with interchangeable lenses.

Initially, I experimented with landscapes and nature, but I soon realized that my passion lay in portrait photography, especially in photographing people. My first commercial wedding shoot occurred half a year after purchasing the DSLR camera, marking the start of my journey in professional photography.

What began as a hobby turned into my profession. In 2010, I decided to leave my engineering job and dedicate myself fully to freelance photography. Back then, I primarily focused on wedding, couples, studio, and street photography.

In 2014, my life took another significant turn. Taking a vacation, my family and I went to Koh Samui, Thailand. Initially planning to stay there for just two months, as I often say, "I couldn't force myself to return." Enchanted by the island's beauty and its atmosphere, we decided to make it our permanent home. Thus, since that time I've been a resident of Samui.

Photography for me is not just a job; it's a source of my passion and inspiration. It offers a chance to capture unique moments and share them with you. I look forward to becoming a part of your story and creating unforgettable memories for you!