Additional services for any photo shoots

Here you will find a list of services which can be used for a photo shoot, or just for fun
  • Rent wedding or evening dresses

    If you want a photo shoot in flying tissues or extravagant outfit it can all be rented. Wedding dresses and suits, evening dresses, and Thai national costumes at your disposal. Price starts from 2'000 thb
  • Dress on order

    Unique dresses with flowing plumes or other fancy elements, you can create and on your measure and taste. Price starts from 3'500 thb
  • A bouquet, and flower crown on the head

    The bride's bouquet is not just a traditional wedding attribute. This detail, like nothing else can help the model to cope with anxiety, to occupy hands, and, most importantly, can serve as quite an interesting accent in the frame. Generally, fresh flowers, whether a bouquet or a wreath on the head, emphasise the natural beauty better than any jewellery and accessories.
    Look at photos Koh Samui flowers and bouquets Price starts from 1'500 thb
  • Online album of your photo shoot

    Gallery with controlled access and the option to hide / show any photo. Permanent link and storage of photos for an indefinite period. Share your photos easily! Price starts from 3'000 thb
  • Photo area

    The island has many places beautiful in themselves, but sometimes creating an organic photo zone within the shooting location may be better to show your own style or to bring in the filming process special mood and comfort. Price starts from 4'000 thb
  • Accessories

    Sometimes to get interesting photos you can add just a small touch, fabric, items of flowers, balloons, kites, baby angel wings, different plates with inscriptions and other cute little things. Price starts from 500 thb
  • Wedding arch or Gazebo

    Romantic arch can be made of various materials and serve as a great addition for shooting in style “love story”. Price starts from 12'000 thb
  • Elephant

    On Samui you can invite an adult elephant or a baby elephant for any event, including for a fun photo shoot. Price starts from 17'000 thb
  • Horse

    Photo shoot with the horses on the beach or in the jungle. Price starts from 1500 thb
  • Yacht, catamaran

    Why not combine a photo shoot with a romantic boat ride? Refreshing breeze, pleasant views, atmosphere of leisure, travel and adventure! And let the camera catch sincere delight and joy your smiles.
    Look at pictures Price starts from 15'000 thb
  • Firework

    Fireworks in the final photo shoot on the beach under the palm trees - what could be brighter and more romantic? Price starts from 15'000 thb
  • Romantic dinner or picnic

    Want to give a loved one a surprise - so why not organize romantic dinner on the beach. Sea, sand, surf, candles and champagne will make your night unforgettable Price starts from 5'000thb
  • Car hire

    You can arrange a romantic tour around the island on the sports car and combine it with a photo shoot. Price starts from 3'000 thb
  • Trip to the other islands

    There are a lot of different Islands that can be reached only by water. You can visit some of the lost area, making many beautiful pictures on the boat on the way there Price starts from 20'000 thb