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Koh Phangan Wedding Photographer

27 Feb 2019
Since you’re here I assume you have been searching for a wedding photographer on Koh Phangan. It’s a great destination for getting married and honeymoon, and I’m here to help you to make this experience unforgettable.

How to organise vacation on Koh Samui

4 Jan 2019
It is no secret that Thailand is one of the most popular honeymoon and vacation destinations, but many questions remain open. I suggest everyone to organise their vacation in the following manner, based on my experience

Koh Samui Bridal Photos

31 Dec 2018
For a day as significant as your wedding, it is natural to want to replay the moments over and over again. Having a professional wedding photographer is key to capturing and preserving these beautiful moments. When a father entrusts his precious daughter to a stranger, knowing that he will be the new pillar of her life; when an ailing grandmother watches her grandson marry the girl of his dreams...

Marriage Photography on Samui. Wedding Shaban and Yana

24 Jun 2015
When working for agencies, it’s a common thing to meet your clients first on their wedding (and your working) day, right on the set. I knocked on the door and a smiling guy opened. I said, “privet!”, and he: "Hello"! )) And turning into the room ““This guy just said “privet”, he must have thought I was a Russian”

Wedding on Koh Samui - you are welcome!

20 Apr 2015
All the photographers as photographers, work year, then after get vacation for 2 weeks. And I'm the only one on the sea in summer and winter, like a dog...

Wedding book Maxim and Jeanne

3 Aug 2010
I represent to your attention the wedding book Maxim and Jeanne. They had a wedding on April 17, 2010, it was windy and cloudy. One word - cool ;)
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