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Koh Phangan Wedding Photographer

27 Feb 2019
Since you’re here I assume you have been searching for a wedding photographer on Koh Phangan. It’s a great destination for getting married and honeymoon, and I’m here to help you to make this experience unforgettable.

How to organise vacation on Koh Samui

4 Jan 2019
It is no secret that Thailand is one of the most popular honeymoon and vacation destinations, but many questions remain open. I suggest everyone to organise their vacation in the following manner, based on my experience

Koh Samui Bridal Photos

31 Dec 2018
For a day as significant as your wedding, it is natural to want to replay the moments over and over again. Having a professional wedding photographer is key to capturing and preserving these beautiful moments. When a father entrusts his precious daughter to a stranger, knowing that he will be the new pillar of her life; when an ailing grandmother watches her grandson marry the girl of his dreams...

Destination Chinese Wedding in Koh Samui

11 Apr 2017
If you don’t love Chinese weddings — you’ve never been at the Chinese wedding! This one was conducted in the Intercontinental Hotel and there were about 100 guests invited.

Wedding Photography at Viva Vacation

24 Nov 2015
Most wedding ceremonies take place at sunset, but Rustam and Ksenia were not such. For the bride the main thing was to appear at the ceremony in a perfectly clean white dress, and then come what may.

Marriage Photography on Samui. Wedding Shaban and Yana

24 Jun 2015
When working for agencies, it’s a common thing to meet your clients first on their wedding (and your working) day, right on the set. I knocked on the door and a smiling guy opened. I said, “privet!”, and he: "Hello"! )) And turning into the room ““This guy just said “privet”, he must have thought I was a Russian”

Wedding on Koh Samui - you are welcome!

20 Apr 2015
All the photographers as photographers, work year, then after get vacation for 2 weeks. And I'm the only one on the sea in summer and winter, like a dog...

Wedding book Maxim and Jeanne

3 Aug 2010
I represent to your attention the wedding book Maxim and Jeanne. They had a wedding on April 17, 2010, it was windy and cloudy. One word - cool ;)