Koh Samui Destination Wedding Photography Pricing

Wedding day is a unique event, full of various emotions and colors. Wedding photographer must not only be able to catch every hint and shade of your mood, but to be able to work accurately and unobtrusively, to prevent any awkwardness, tension, discomfort, which can be reflected in your faces.

The cost of shooting destination wedding day on Koh Samui starts at 18'000 THB. But every wedding is unique, so email me and together we will be able to choose the package that works for you best of all.

You can invite photographer to catch the best moments of your wedding all over Thailand and in other parts of the world. Just fill the form and get detailed information about rates for photography services.

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Q&A about wedding photography rates and prices

Wedding is a very important stage in the life of the newlyweds and selection of all the contractors for the wedding can take a long time. In this case, good and rare specialists are supposed to be hired in the first place. So the sooner you find and book a photographer for your wedding, the more likely you are to choose the one that suits you, not just one of those left free.

Why do photographers request a deposit while booking the date?

Usually, when preparing for a wedding, you encounter a lot of new people. Taking it on the mere trust is not a business approach and can make more harm, than good for both parts. Therefore, when booking any contractor it is better to compose a contract. Most often, the contract also includes a deposit (a portion of the amount) as a booking fee. Like any other contractor, your photographer will decline all the requests once when your date is booked.. Therefore, a deposit is an integral part of the booking. The amount of the deposit is different and is due to various circumstances, first of all such as the level of the photographer, demand on the market and so on.

Why do wedding photographers require full payment (prior to the wedding)?

Mainly this is to ensure that on your wedding day you are enjoying the event. So you could stay with your soul and thoughts with your beloved one and not get distracted by those issues that are already resolved and require only mechanical action. It is standard practice to pay for the photography services on the day of the shoot. The bigger wedding you have, the more there will be contractors. And everyone has to get paid for their services. If all the decisions have already been made, the controlled by a wedding photographer acts are signed and payments completed, both you and the photographer will rest assured. All thoughts of the photographer will be directed to make the photos as best as possible, and you don't have to worry about money issues on your wedding day.

Why is the wedding photographer's charge so high?

A professional photographer is a specialist and a businessman who invests in his business, work and has to provide for himself and his family. Yes, the cost of a photographer is most often considered as a work hours at a wedding, but the photographer's rating is formed based on many parameters:

  • Experience and knowledge. Learning photography is time consuming. Practical skills come after many years of experience. Professional should invest large amounts in their education and growth on a regular basis.
  • Photo editing. Selection, color correction and retouching of photos takes place in the days and weeks after the wedding. The photographer is also obliged to take this time into account when forming his hourly value on the wedding day.
  • Shooting equipment. Professional equipment costs a lot of money. The equipment must be maintained in good condition and regularly updated.
  • Computer. Image processing requires high capacities. With poor technology, editing will increase the time you receive the ready material. Keeping a large number of RAW photos in a safe state requires expensive storage devices. And the reliability of the storage also requires additional costs.
  • Business. Let's not forget that photography is a business that involves taxes, business visa expenses, office rent, studio maintenance, etc.
  • Advertising and marketing. Every photographer has to spread information about his business: to develop advertising, pay for services of marketers, designers. Support the site, engage in SEO and invest again in advertising.
  • Personal life and family. Working at your wedding and processing pictures in the office, the photographer is away from home. Therefore, he has to pay for babysitting services for children, Eat out, etc.In addition to “business expenses compensation”, it is also necessary to have some money for paying bills etc.
  • Frequency and seasonality. A photographer can only shoot 1 wedding in 1 day. But there are especially popular dates and some days of the week for wedding shoots. Most often it is Saturday in the high season. So it turns out that a photographer usually gets 1 wedding in 1 week. And if you subtract the months when the season is "low", the photographer still has to pay the bills regularly.

Based on the expenses, listed above, the photographer has to fit them in has hourly rate or other wedding photo packages.

How far in advance should I book a wedding photographer?

It all depends on the season and specific date. On average, good photographers are booked 6-10 months in advance. But on unique dates, I recommend booking in more than 12-16 months ahead. For example, a very popular date is 02/20/2020.

Reasonable and inexpensive wedding photographer. Are you?

My price is not very cheap, but I’m sure that my rate is absolutely reasonable for my work. Wedding photography requests to be “everywhere in same time” and in same time be watchful to all activities and events what’s happened around of the big area during the day. And it doesn't mention on conditions, number of people or density of events what happening around.