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Koh Samui Destination Wedding Photography Pricing

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Wedding day is a unique event, full of various emotions and colors. Wedding photographer must not only be able to catch every hint and shade of your mood, but to be able to work accurately and unobtrusively, to prevent any awkwardness, tension, discomfort, which can be reflected in your faces.

The cost of shooting destination wedding day on Koh Samui starts at 19'000 THB. But every wedding is unique, so email me and together we will be able to choose the package that works for you best of all.

You can invite photographer to catch the best moments of your wedding all over Thailand and in other parts of the world. Just fill the form and get detailed information about rates for photography services.

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Terms and conditions

  • Prices are quoted for Koh Samui island. For shooting in other destination apart from Koh Samui: Rates don't include travel & accommodation.
  • You get the photos in the format JPG. Return of material in other formats must be agreed with the photographer beforehand
  • Term for processing and retouching photos is 3-4 weeks after shooting. For wedding day term is 4-5 weeks after shooting.In this article I explain why, when and how many photos you will receive.
  • All photos taken by a photographer on copyright law, are part of its portfolio. Under conditions of confidentiality made by the photos, order value increases by 25%. Thats mean If you want to forbid me to publish photos in internet you should pay extra.