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Post cover image: Villa Mia. Destination Wedding Photography

Villa Mia. Destination Wedding Photography

Date of publication: 10 Mar 2017 | Updated: 25 Jun 2023

We had a fantastic day capturing the wedding of Roma and Lena on the beautiful island of Samui. Let's start from the beginning.

The setting for the celebration was the enchanting Villa Mia, a cozy wedding venue nestled on one of the headlands of Koh Samui.

The bride looked absolutely charming. I arrived just as she was starting her makeup, and the talented team from Polina Pak Studio worked diligently to create her perfect look.

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The atmosphere was relaxed, and I didn't need to intervene in the natural flow of events. The event was expertly organized by the staff of "Marry Me on Samui." They were busy making sure everything ran smoothly, and I made sure not to miss a single moment.

Despite the rain, the mood of the newlyweds remained unaffected. Their spirits were high, and the weather couldn't dampen their joy.

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The ceremony began promptly after the preparations were complete. It took place on the beach, in a small and cozy area adorned with lush green lawns.

Take a moment to appreciate the beauty of the ceremony space — everything was adorned with fresh flowers, and the air was filled with the petals of love. The combination of white and green created a refreshing and delightful ambiance.

Villa Mia. Destination Wedding Photography. photographer Dimas Frolov photo 989
Photo by Samui Photographer - Dimas Frolov

As the gentle tunes of a live saxophone played, the father of the bride walked her down the aisle and handed her over to the groom. This heartfelt moment brought tears to the eyes of the guests, as is often the case when Kate conducts the ceremony.

After a toast with champagne, we had about an hour before sunset. We decided to take a stroll along the beach, capturing more tender and sincere photos in the process. Later, Thai music and traditional dances filled the air, followed by a gala dinner. The evening concluded with a breathtaking fire show, leaving everyone in awe.

I extend my warmest wishes to the newlyweds and express my gratitude for the opportunity to capture another beautiful wedding on the stunning island of Koh Samui, Thailand.

photo: Dimas Frolov
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