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Children photography tips

Date of publication: 02 Jan 2021

I'm sure you take a lot of pictures of your kids but follow these simple tips; you will increase your photos' quality to the next level.

Leading children photography tips: Take more pictures!

The kids' photo shooting is the moment when you shouldn't care about saving the space on your camera storage. Kids change their emotions too quickly, and you won't have any pictures of the same mood. Keeping in mind that the background, light, and convenient setting of a child always have to be taken, which is just enough to take as many pictures as possible. Only a few decent shots are made of 20-30 even talented photographers.

Thus, 5 to 10% is an excellent result for the photography of children.

Photography tips: check the light!

You can shoot even in the full darkness on modern photo cameras.

But you can get more sharp and clear photos with minimal noise with good lighting. It would be best if you took pictures of kids throughout the day. Try to keep your child close to your window if you shoot inside. It is also safer for you to be on the window side. Using it with a diffuser if you have an external flash. Using your built-in flash only if you have no other possibilities for getting a good shot.

Shadowy locations are the perfect location for outdoor shooting. So the face is not going to be cruel, and the skin of the child looks cute. Besides that, the child will be more relaxed and will not squint.

Children photography tips. photographer Dimas Frolov photo 1800
Photo by Samui Photographer - Dimas Frolov

Photography trick: Don't shoot against the light!

It's simple advice, but you think about a lot of specifics during your shooting. You may miss the bright window behind a kid because the kid is still going. And the pictures seem gloomy.

Silhouette pictures can also be breathtaking. But the specifics or feelings of the child aren't necessary at that moment. This kind of image would be more critical since only this is noticeable. Pose and background.


Even with the sun or a bright window behind the child, you still can get a pleasant backlight if the direct light doesn't go in the frame. Sometimes it is enough to change the shooting angle slightly.

Tips for photographing children: Be at eye level.

Adults often take pictures of kids without even bending over. Therefore, many photos are taken from top to bottom. To make the images feel natural, shoot your child with your camera at eye level.

When you sit down with a child, he begins to perceive you as an equal, as a friend, and it will be easier for you to establish contact with him.

Children photography tips. photographer Dimas Frolov photo 1802
Photo by Samui Photographer - Dimas Frolov

Tips for kids photography: don't ask for a smile, be funny!

The basic rules for good photography are smiling and being friendly during children's shots. However, "smile to me" or, "say cheeeeese" suggestions do not work with children. Such images are fake, and children are static and unnatural. Smiles. The best way to get real lifestyle pictures is to take something funny, to smile, and take them by surprise.

Even corny "Picaboo" around the corner is more reactive to kids than to the formal demand that you smile.

Tips for photographing babies: Create a natural environment

The child's natural actions can easily retrieve the true-life of the picture. Set up a nice place to rest and do whatever the child needs. It is not the only choice to stimulate your child with candy to behave well. On the opposite, encouraging your child to do what they want will make it more likely to create very cool images after all the child is not going to think and get completely involved in photography at these moments. Therefore what you have to do is take the time.


1. Often in your lives, you have to photograph children. We realize how critical it was only after years. And act now to stop wasting time. You cannot compel children to pose, so shooting them is always a challenge, but it's a joy to watch them!

2. Take favorable light and context positions to predict the child's behavior. You cannot move the window, but you can go to the side of the windows, and from there the light gets better.

3. Don't hesitate to shoot thousands more. After all, the feelings of children change more rapidly than the response to them. Shoot more than you believe.

4. Make your child a mate, smile, and behave naturally. The child detects and copies the emotional state.

5. Children are still on the move so that you can get an assistant on the set much better. The most important thing is someone like a dad, who knows and trusts the kid — the adult, who knows how to attract a child. Plus, an adult will look after your child while you focus entirely on the filming process.

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